makes us different

Automated outbound campaigns to big lists with generic messaging do not work. We help you do the opposite.

Our Approach

Plans start from $3,000 per month and are best suited to companies who are already running outbound campaigns and targeting contract values of $10,000+.

We specialise in helping outbound teams to actually engage with senior decision-makers in large organizations. We understand that your pool of potential prospects is not infinite so, rather than adopting a 'spray and pray' approach to your entire market, we enable you to practice quality over quantity and run lower volume, ABM-style personalized outbound campaigns to niche groups.

We do extensive research on each prospect and then write a hyper-personalized sequence of copy for your sales team to run as part of their ongoing campaigns.

ICP Analysis

We will work with you to get a clear understanding of your Ideal Customer Profile and the main problems which they are facing, which you can help to solve.

Verified Data

Once you have shared the target groups, our Operations team will validate and enrich all of the data to ensure that you have a rock solid list before the intensive work begins.

Hyper-Personalized Messaging

Our expert copywriting team create unique content for every account and contact so that you can execute highly personalized outbound sales campaigns across multiple channels tailored to each prospects pain points. This is our core focus as a business and what makes us unique.

Campaign Execution

Instead of running the campaigns externally, we return all of the data to you so that your team can execute them. The main benefits here are that you retain all of the records in your CRM and your sales team will have 2-3x the number of engaged prospects in their pipeline that they would have otherwise had. 

The anatomy of a Leadable cold email

Generic outbound campaigns are very easy to run and scale in-house. The same cannot be said for campaigns which are truly personalized to every prospect. We follow these principles (and more) so that you can have your team deliver the latter.

Europe expansion after funding round

Hi Chris,

Congrats on a third Great Place To Work award in a row, very impressive.

I saw the TechCrunch article about your plans for expansion in Europe after the latest funding round and I think that we can help with it.

With the ‘growth culture’ in tech, I can only assume that there is a lot of internal and external pressure on you to scale KLC quicker. We help sales teams to do exactly this by writing highly personalized outbound sequences on your behalf before passing them back to your reps to run the campaigns themselves.

Interested to hear about how we are filling pipeline for brands

like Havas, Faethm and Ignite at the moment?


Custom Subject Lines

Every subject line we write is extremely specific to the individual. This is one of the reasons why we typically see 60-80% open rates.

The Ego Boost

This does not need to be relevant to what we do in any way, it is simply used to show, without doubt, in the email preview or mobile notification that this is not a generic email from an automated campaign.

Relevant Personalization

We create urgency for what we are selling based on either a pain point or opportunity that they are currently talking about. This makes our approach look reactive rather than cold.

Persona Pain Point

Wherever generic text is used, we keep it as specific to the primary pain point of the persona which we can solve.

Call To Action

We use social proof by mentioning similar companies whom we work with to encourage the prospect to move to the next stage.

About Us

One high level sentence on what we do and how we can do it for them.

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