November 21, 2022

The Importance of Research & Personalisations in your Outbound

When we talk about personalisation in outbound, really, we are talking about the art of making your prospects sit up and take notice. A personalised email is one that draws on research and available data to craft a message that is specially curated for a particular target or target account.

Emily Herbertson




Typically, outbound emails are designed for the masses and have no distinguishable content that suggests who the audience is, and this lack of effort often means that even if the message does present a relevant product or service, the reader is unlikely to take much notice or even get that far. With the high number of spray-and-pray email marketing campaigns in the market, our readers are fatigued and need a fresher and more personal approach.

Many studies have shown that emails with personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened than those without. If this is the statistic merely for a personalised subject line, imagine how much more effective an entirely relevant and personalised email body will be, especially with there being few sales teams that have the sufficient time and copywriting resources to fulfil this personalised approach.

We want to make sure that our email is seen and actively remembered by our prospects, so how can we use personalisation and research to achieve this?

Importance of the Subject Line

First thing’s first, we need to create the perfect subject line that summarises our message, and most importantly, intrigues our reader. Ultimately, the subject line will be the deciding factor for whether our email ever gets opened or not. 

As the first part of our email that is read, we need to ensure that this first impression distinguishes our message as personally intended for that recipient, rather than being discarded as one amongst the masses. It’s important to note that as mail servers become increasingly sophisticated, the slightest generalisation could land our email in the spam folder. 

An effective way to overcome this is to reference something very specific in the subject line that will be flagged as a priority for our reader. This could be anything from a current or recent project to a crucial aspect of their job role, and once again to finding the best piece of information to leverage here is vital for how our message will be received. Ultimately, the subject line will be the deciding factor for whether or not our email gets opened.

Brand Impact

This thoroughly personalised approach is also excellent for reassuring your contacts that you have the intelligence and industry expertise to serve them. The most successful outbound messages always show a degree of research and empathy towards your ideal client profile (ICP), this is everything from the language-used to our tone of voice. Essentially, we need to make sure that our brand comes across as well-researched and knowledgeable not only of the industry that our ICP operates in and what they do, but also about their daily challenges and pain points. We want to convince our targets that we have sought them out, especially because our products or services can make their life easier or add value in some way. 

With the saturated landscape of outbound email marketing that is generic and shows no individualistic value, taking a niche approach that embraces a more personal touch with well-thought-out ideas will only serve to elevate our brand presence throughout the prospecting process.

The ABM Approach

An account-based approach is essentially a B2B strategy that focuses sales and marketing resources on target accounts with a specific market. With this technique grouping together similar contacts with a similar purpose, this approach allows for personalised and researched copy to be used at scale. The popularity of this approach has soared in recent years and has been identified as an increasingly vital technique for overall outbound marketing efforts. It enables companies to deliver a more targeted campaign that accurately conveys their voice as a brand, making prospects feel more individually recognised and valued. With a traditional outbound approach, the people contacted are generally pulled from a large pool and the messaging is only loosely targeted. In a world with so much digital fatigue, this refreshingly direct and human approach often stands-out.

Another significant advantage of the ABM approach is how it combines the functions of the sales and marketing teams. Working together to identify warmer prospects and target companies allows both functions to move individual accounts through the pipeline before and after the point of lead conversion, depending on what is needed. This highly individualised approach enables your team to create copy that resonates with your targets, building rapport and investing in the long-term relationship.


Finally, we must ensure that our research shows our target that we understand them, their priorities, and their point of view. In other words, we need to make sure that our message is highly relevant. The best way to show our understanding is to touch-on the main pain points that they may be facing and use this to frame our call to action (CTA). Many outbound emails focus too heavily on pushing a particular product or service, our approach intends to leverage more selfish motivations from our contacts and show that this product or service can enrich their lives or job in some way that would be difficult to ignore. The more personal and relevant that the message is, the more likely that it will resonate with your recipient, and lead to a response.

The Leadable Approach

We know that taking the time to do the research and find the most relevant information to achieve the best contact engagement and open rates is an unrealistic prospect. Our team of expert copywriters complete this technical and time consuming work to craft highly relevant and specific personalisations that serve as the core component of exceptionally effective multi touch campaigns. Feel free to book a call with us if you’d like to learn more about what your outbound could look like with Leadable’s hyper-personalised solution. 

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