Building brand awareness with senior IT and Infrastructure prospects to help very long sales cycles

The Challenge
As sales cycles can be very long in this space, the challenge was to build brand awareness with a very select group of senior IT and infrastructure prospects so that they would be familiar with the company when the time comes for them to review their hosting environment.
The Solution
Over the past 18 months, Leadable has been running hyper-personalised campaigns with custom messaging for each prospect based on their pain points, and building long term relationships with prospective clients through the nature of this one-to-one messaging.
The Results
Given the nature of the long sales cycles and very large average contract values, this has been about playing the long game from an account based marketing and brand impact perspective. Engagement has been strong throughout with average open rates of 59% and click through rates of 23%. The sentiment of most responses throughout the past 18 months has been very positive, ensuring that these key prospects are familiar with the Verne Global brand.
At a Glance
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About The Company
Data center operator Verne Global provides renewably-powered specialised hosting environments for high density compute for the automotive, financial services and artificial intelligence markets. The company was acquired by Digital 9 Infrastructure for £231m in September 2021.
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“Working with Leadable has been extremely beneficial for us. At Verne Global, both our product and target audience is highly specialised, but the team understood what we were trying to do from the start in terms of boosting our brand to a particular audience and helped us to implement a targeted plan to achieve our goals.”
Nick Dale
EVP Sales
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