Generating nearshoring leads in USA for an enterprise software development company in Colombia

The Challenge
To build and manage an outbound sales process that creates a pipeline of qualified opportunities for nearshore enterprise software development with senior tech professionals in MLM brands looking to scale their affiliate program.
The Solution
Leadable has been running hyper-personalized outbound campaigns with custom messaging for each prospect across channels like email, calling, video and handwritten letters, along with drip and re-engagement campaigns to engage with prospects long term.
The Results
Engagement has been great from the beginning here with a 65% open rate and a 15% click through rate. The conversion has been strong also with 3% of all prospects taking meetings with the Tailorsoft team over the first six months.
At a Glance
Open Rate
Click Rate
Reply Rate
Account To Meeting Rate
About The Company
Tailorsoft is an enterprise software development company, based in Colombia, working for clients in the United States. They work in the full stack, from backend warehousing and inventory systems to web and mobile applications.
Team Size
We reviewed several agencies, but Leadable seemed to be the ones that offered the most complete solution. They are very polished in their sales approach, and their team is very easy to work with. The results have been very impressive as we have had quite a few meetings with potential clients during the first six months.
Daniel Taylor
Chief Technology Officer
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