Generating leads with senior Customer Experience prospects in the Middle East

The Challenge
To generate high quality leads with very senior customer experience, satisfaction and engagement professionals (VP and Director level) in the banking, insurance, retail, logistics and healthcare sectors in the Middle East.
The Solution
Leadable is running hyper-personalized, omnichannel ABM campaigns with custom messaging for each prospect based on their pain points, along with drip and re-engagement campaigns to communicate with prospects long term.
The Results
Engagement has been great from the beginning here with a 66% open rate, 34% click through rate and 11% reply rate. The conversion has been strong also with 7% of prospects becoming leads for the Phoenix Evolution team.
At a Glance
Open Rate
Click Rate
Reply Rate
Account To Meeting Rate
About The Company
Phoenix Evolution is the exclusive MENA partner of Engage Hub, a leading global technology provider of cross-channel engagement solutions. Operating in 15 languages, their cloud technology processes over 3.8 billion interactions, triggering highly personalised, connected experiences across multiple channels to over 556 million customers around the world.
Team Size
United Arab Emirates
“We have consistently been getting quality leads with very senior people, and the quality of the personalized outbound efforts is having a very positive brand impact for us in the region. The team are very proactive and easy to work with, and the reporting gives us good data and intelligence on our key customer profiles.”
Bryan Flanagan
Regional CEO
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