Generating leads for a tech solution with senior prospects in the construction sector

The Challenge
To build and manage an outbound sales process that creates a pipeline of qualified opportunities with senior prospects in construction companies looking to streamline project workflows.
The Solution
Leadable has been running hyper-personalized outbound campaigns with custom messaging for each prospect across channels like email, calling, video and handwritten letters, along with drip and re-engagement campaigns to engage with prospects long term.
The Results
Engagement has been very high with a 72% open rate and a 15% click through rate. The conversion has been very strong with 9% of companies enrolled converting to opportunities for inTakt.
At a Glance
Open Rate
Click Rate
Reply Rate
Account To Meeting Rate
About The Company
Based in the USA, inTakt is a purpose-built takt planning tool designed specifically for construction professionals.
Construction software
Team Size
We received many solid leads on a weekly basis. They accomplished more connections than we were able to otherwise and followed up with leads to set up appointments that we otherwise would not have had. I really liked their targeted approach where they took a smaller list of companies and put more thought and focus into it, catering their message specifically to the individuals.
Steve Moore
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