Booking meetings with emerging, challenger brands for a creative agency & production studio

The Challenge
To build and manage an outbound sales process that creates a pipeline of qualified opportunities with senior marketing professionals in brands looking to break through, drive brand awareness, and grow revenue.
The Solution
Leadable has been helping Humanaut to run hyper-personalized outbound campaigns with custom messaging for each prospect, along with retargeting campaigns to engage with prospects long term.
The Results
The general engagement has been very good with an 80% open rate, 17% click through rate and 4% lead rate. 20 meetings have been set with qualified leads over the past six months.
At a Glance
Open Rate
Click Rate
Account To Meeting Rate
About The Company
Humanaut is an independent advertising agency and production studio that provides creative strategy and campaigns for better-for-you brands.
Creative Agency
Team Size
"The team we work with at Leadable are some of the most attune people I've ever met. They listen with intention and care, and the desire to find a solution is very evident and obvious when working together. Working with them has been a really enjoyable experience. They have quickly integrated with our team and developed an understanding of what we do and why it matters. Their ability to listen, analyze and problem-solve with us is really inspiring and something we find really valuable."
Caty Hicks
Senior Brand Producer
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