Building brand awareness with senior HR & Talent prospects in 5,000+ employee brands

The Challenge
To build brand awareness and generate high quality leads with very senior employer branding, talent and HR professionals (VP and Director level) in 5,000+ employee brands across a number of sectors in Europe and North America.
The Solution
Leadable is running hyper-personalized, omnichannel campaigns with custom messaging for each prospect based on their pain points, and building long term relationships with prospective clients through the nature of this one-to-one messaging.
The Results
HR budgets were cut in 2020 and 2021, so this has been about playing the long game from an account based marketing and brand impact perspective. Engagement has been strong throughout with average open rates of 64% and click through rates of 23%. The sentiment of all responses throughout the past 12 months has been very positive, building the brand in the long term as these budgets start to reopen.
At a Glance
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About The Company
Part of the Havas Group (one of the world’s largest advertising and communication networks), Havas People are specialists in building connections between brands and talent.
Talent Comms
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“From the beginning of our relationship, the Leadable team have taken time to get to know our business, proactively suggesting ideas for our campaigns and providing regular feedback. The personalised approach has been well received by prospects, growing our brand awareness and helping us stand apart.”
Jessica Carrington
Global New Business & Marketing Manager
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