Generate Leads with Senior Operations & IT Prospects in Wealth Management firms

The Challenge
To generate high quality leads with very senior Operations and IT prospects in wealth management firms to digitize and automate their entire business processing strategy.
The Solution
Across a 12 month cycle, Leadable has been running hyper-personalized cold email campaigns to 200 new accounts on a monthly basis across multiple channels with custom messaging for each prospect based on their pain points, along with drip and re-engagement campaigns to communicate with prospects long term.
The Results
The approach has resulted in an incredible 60 companies from these campaigns converting into customers for Docupace over the first 12 months, along with a healthy pipeline of engaged prospects that are being retargeted now.
At a Glance
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About The Company
Docupace is a technology company, based in Los Angeles, built for the financial services and wealth management industry. For over 20 years, they have been solving the most frustrating and time-consuming problems that advisors, broker-dealers, and RIAs face on a daily basis.
Team Size
“The partnership is great. Our Leadable Team is just like one of our full-time team members and they are always very proactive in coming up with new ideas to drive interest. They take a lot of pride in the work they do and it's been a wonderful partnership.
Ryan George
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