Booking meetings at VP and Director level in 1,000+ employee businesses for microlearning tech

The Challenge
To generate large contract value leads in Enterprise with very difficult-to-reach, senior decision makers (VP and Director level) in the HR and L&D function of 1,000+ employee companies.
The Solution
Leadable ran hyper-personalized ABM outbound campaigns with custom messaging for each individual prospect based around their pain points and how Axonify could help alleviate them.
The Results
As a result of the personalized outreach for each prospect, Leadable created over $2,500,000 in lead pipeline for the Axonify sales team at Biz Group during its first 3 month campaign (9 leads per month).
At a Glance
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About The Company
Axonify is a B2B SaaS global leader in the microlearning space, headquartered in Canada. Biz Group is an exclusive partner and licencee for Axonify.
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United Arab Emirates
“Great service from the Leadable team, with some really high quality conversations generated. They hit the ground running and even delivered leads within their first month of service.”
Matthew Wilkins
Head of Digital Solutions at Biz Group
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