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Since September 2021 Based in Brazil

As a Sales Copywriter at Leadable, my main responsibility is to write personalisations unique to each individual and company for our clients. This process involves a lot of research, as we need the personalisations to be as relevant as possible and tailored to the most recent information available about the prospect or the company. I like that I don’t really have a set schedule and can perform my duties from anywhere that has an internet connection. I’m able to do my work independently, but if I need support on a particularly difficult prospect, I can always ask for help. Having great colleagues and teamwork in the department & company in general helps as well!

I’d have to say that the biggest pro of working here is that I’m able to maintain a strong work/ life balance because I get to set my own schedule. Not having to worry about a commute or a set timetable certainly takes a lot of the stress out of work! I do, however, miss daily social interaction with colleagues in person rather than over Slack and Zoom, but I’d say freedom of movement is more important in this case.

Seeing the company grow in such a short amount of time has been really exciting! Everyone in the company has been really great to work with, and seeing them grow and develop along with Leadable has been a great experience for me.