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Since June 2021 Based in Canada

As a Client Growth Manager (CGM), I act as the main point of contact for my clients. My main objective is to bridge the gap between them and the different teams working behind the scenes at Leadable. I also ensure that all client campaigns are running smoothly and are ready to launch right on schedule. Because of this, project management skills are super important in my day-to-day duties! A fun part of the role is handling client onboardings because I get to help them uncover pain points that their target audience have, which we then turn into messaging used in the campaigns.

My day-to-day usually consists of a couple of client meetings to talk about campaign strategy, analysing campaign metrics to uncover areas where we could improve messaging, creating personalised videos to send to prospects, helping out with campaign launches, and making sure that campaign timelines stay on schedule.

Personally, I really enjoy working with different clients from across North America and building relationships with them. It's interesting to work with clients across so many industries, learning about their product and buyers, what has and hasn't worked with their outbound in the past, and then using this info to work together to create a strategy that offers greater value, allowing them to connect with more customers. I like that every day is different and that every client is trying to solve a different problem. It makes the CGM role much more dynamic and allows me to use a fair amount of problem-solving in my day-to-day.

Leadable is fully remote, which offers quite a lot of flexibility with your working day, as well as the freedom to work from wherever you like. No commuting is certainly a plus too :). The remote team being spread across the world has created a super diverse & global team, which is great because it adds so many new perspectives and cultures to the company! I suppose a downside would be that we don’t have a physical office though, which might be a bit strange if you’re used to always going in.

I think that Leadable is an awesome place to work! With the super diverse team and top-notch leadership, I’ve been able to learn so much during my time here. If you’re looking for a company that allows for a strong work-life balance, this is it!