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Since June 2021 Based in India

Operations Executives at Leadable perform some of the first steps in getting a campaign ready to launch. I will typically start my day by checking Asana (our task management platform) to study the briefs I have been assigned. I’ll then use a series of different tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Crunchbase, Semrush, ContactOut, Apollo, Lusha and many others that are provided by Leadable depending on what I need to achieve. I’ll usually use these to source contact information to start the list building process. The department has daily catch-ups to share blockers with the department head, so he can sort them out for us, allowing the list building to go much more smoothly. We also use these meetings to catch up with each other and share anything exciting that may be going on in our lives. Once I complete a brief, I’ll double-check my work before passing it on to the Operations Manager for one last review before passing it on to the client for approval.

I like that even though the briefs are very detailed, and task handling has been standardised to make things more efficient, there’s still some flexibility and room for experimenting! We’re encouraged to share our ideas and issues we encounter, as well as have brainstorming sessions to see if there’s anything that can be done to make the department more efficient / friendly / exciting. These sessions definitely make the role a lot more interesting and are something I look forward to every day.

The work-life balance here at Leadable is also great! I love the flexibility in our working hours which, for me, would be the biggest pro of working here. Other than that, I really like the fact that communication is made fast & easy and is optimised to ensure there are no issues communicating across so many time zones. Honestly, over the past year, I can’t really think of any cons of working here! I appreciate that my work, be it big or small, doesn’t go unnoticed - and this level of detail and positivity is what gives me the drive to start work every day.