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Since March 2021 Based in South Africa

As a Sales Copywriter at Leadable, I write the personalisations for the prospects and companies we target in our email campaigns, as well as the ones that get sent over to clients to use in their own sequences. My daily routine involves doing lots of research for the different contacts that Operations hands the Copywriting department. I’ll generally start my research using LinkedIn and the company website, but sources vary to allow me to get the most recent and relevant information for the copy that I write. I generally write these highly relevant personalisations with a solution-based mindset to see how these prospects and companies can benefit from the product or service that our clients are offering.

I love the freedom to work from home as well as the flexible hours! I’ve also always really enjoyed writing, so overall this role has been perfect. I really do enjoy working with people from all around the world; it allows for a lot of interesting discussions with your co-workers. The freedom offered by working in the Copywriting department is probably my biggest pro of working at Leadable. Getting the chance to work independently has been great. The rest of the team has also been fantastic, so every day I feel excited when I start working.

I’d highly recommend it if you get the opportunity to join Leadable! The team is incredible and I feel lucky to be a part of it. Be yourself, work hard, and you’ll fit right in.