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Since May 2022 Based in India

I’ll typically start my day at around 11am for a team meeting, so we can all plan out our days and make sure that we can all get to the high-priority tasks first. I tend to start at this time because the team is spread across the globe, so it’s better to have some overlap with the people in Europe and the Americas.

I find that the best part about working at Leadable is the team itself! While we don’t get to see each other in person every day, it’s still a tremendously friendly and welcoming atmosphere that motivates me to do my best. The fact that Leadable is 100% remote helps promote a healthy work-life balance, which (at least for me) boosts productivity :)

The most exciting thing about being an Operations Executive is working on the leads that will go into campaigns for our clients. Because we target so many different industries around the world, I get to learn a lot of stuff I wouldn’t have otherwise. I really think the role is great for people who are looking to maintain or create a healthy work-life balance and individual growth.