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Since March 2022 Based in Spain

I first joined Leadable as a Sales Copywriter back in August 2021. As the Marketing department grew and needed more hands on deck, Barry (the CEO) suggested I join as I studied marketing at university. 3 months in, I’m really glad I decided to make the switch into the department!

My role in the department is very versatile, so I never really know what a typical day will look like. There’s certainly some structure to my duties, as most days will have campaign launches and client reports to update. I also have daily catch-ups with the Marketing Manager, Seb, to discuss what our day looks like and any issues that need to be addressed or prioritised. These are also a good opportunity to catch up with any personal developments. I currently dedicate a lot of my time creating content for the updated company website, but responsibilities vary as the department is still relatively new. This variety is actually quite exciting as it lets me see how the company changes and grows while letting me be a part of that change by helping implement tools and solutions to make operations more efficient.

Personally, I find the people here at Leadable to be my favourite part of working here. There hasn’t been a single person I’ve spoken to that hasn’t been absolutely great and tried to help or guide you if needed, especially while I was just starting out. The atmosphere has always been super positive and welcoming, paired with constant respect for each other and clear communication. It has been a great experience so far! I find that it’s really nice to work in a place where you can not only grow on a professional level, but also create meaningful personal relationships.

The transition into working at Leadable was smooth as I was already used to working in a fully remote team, however, I do have to say it wasn’t quite as international as this one. The team really tries to make an effort to engage with each other, and because the department is responsible for team engagement as well, I get to help plan and set up a bunch of activities for us.

I’d say if you’re looking to join the Marketing department at Leadable, I’d recommend that you do a lot of research into Leadable’s current updates as well as how we’re implementing ABM into our hyper-personalised outbound solutions. I know that job hunting can be very stressful and time-consuming, but if you do your research, and you come to us with a highly personalised application, then you’re almost guaranteed an opportunity for a chat!