• Daniel Walsh

6 Shifts in Outbound Sales from Covid-19

With so many of us having to adapt our working habits and change the way we live our lives, it can be confusing trying to keep up. It’s why we want to spend just a couple of minutes going back to basics, telling you a little about the area we know best, and giving you some insights into why and how the world of outbound sales has shifted for the foreseeable future.

Cold calling is less effective

No one is in the office right now which means the classic approach of phoning up and trying to get in touch directly just isn’t going to work. It’s something every outbound sales team has to accept and move on. There’s really no getting around it.

The same goes for face-to-face meetings

Given the social distancing that’s happening all around the world this one isn’t going to change anytime soon either. But far from this meaning the end of outbound sales, it actually opens up a whole host of other channels.

Conference calls are becoming the norm

Some businesses swore by them before the events of the last couple of months, but now conference calls are becoming something of a necessity for all of us. They bring all the key decision makers together and allow a skilled outbound sales professional to make a real impact. The key is to adopt a warm, confident and knowledgeable tone that’s going to make up for the fact that you can’t be there in person. Try to stay relaxed, give everyone plenty of time to interject and ask questions, and you’ll be able to make an impact for all the right reasons.

There’s more time for email than ever before

No more face-to-face interactions means more time for email, which has its upsides and downsides. The good thing about it is that you have the chance to reach contacts and potential clients who were almost impossible to get hold of before because they now have more admin time. It gives you, or the B2B agency you partner with, the chance to connect in a way that doesn’t put key decision makers on the spot; but instead gives them the time they need to digest what you’re offering. Ideal if you want to be able to drop by with the click of a button. There is however, a definite downside…

There’s more email than ever before

Conferences and networking events are out of bounds, which means the whole world has turned to email. That means that to truly stand out right now, you need to remember one simple thing…

Personalized emails have never been more important

Take a look at your inbox and you’ll see that it’s almost full to overflowing; then ask yourself this: which message shall I read first? It’s not going to be the generic, copy and paste style emails that seem to apply to any one of a dozen different sectors — it’s going to be the one that’s addressed to you, offers you something that you’ve been specifically looking for and only takes a minute or two to read. That’s the approach the sender took to ensure it stood out, and it’s the same approach you need to be taking when it comes to outbound sales.

Need Help?

Hyper-personalized cold email, at scale, is our speciality. If any of your traditional lead funnels have dried up, or you want to be a bit more proactive with outbound sales, book a call with us today to see if we can help your sales team to consistently hit their targets.

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