Account Executive

Remote | USA Timezone

We specialise in opening doors for SMEs and startups with senior decision-makers in large organizations. We practice quality over quantity and run low volume, highly personalized outbound sales campaigns on behalf of our clients.

As your prospects will be based in USA, your working hours will be based around these timezones. This is a fully remote role and we will accept candidates between GMT-8 (Pacific) to GMT-5 (Eastern), with a preference for those closer to GMT-5.

The role is a quota carrying role with quarterly revenue targets.

Main Responsibilities

  • Taking on leads from our sales development efforts and seeing them through to close.

  • Identifying companies who tick all of the boxes of our Ideal Customer Profile an using extreme targeting to engage a 'Dream List' of these prospects and managing the full sales cycle with them, from initial touchpoint to contract signed.

  • Following up with prospects throughout the sales cycle with thoughtful insights (you will never be 'touching base', 'circling back' or 'checking in').

  • Breaking through the noise of outbound sales by leveraging calling, video, LinkedIn and other platforms.

You Will Be Good At This If

  • You understand the psychology behind why people do what they do and can, in a subtle way, show them that you understand their needs.

  • You can roll with your discovery questions and adapt to changing scenarios during a call, seamlessly integrating their pain points into your pitch.

  • You are assured enough to be seen as a credible source by very senior prospects.

  • You genuinely pay attention to detail (how you apply will tell us this immediately). This cannot be stressed enough as every touchpoint with prospects should be flawless to instill confidence in them that they can trust Leadable to represent their brand.

  • Innovative ways to capture the attention of prospects with outbound sales excite you and you actively seek them out (how you apply will also tell us this immediately).

  • You add the word panda to the subject line of this application.

  • Being organized comes naturally to you. We are not looking for a sales person who tracks their pipeline on the back of their hand.

  • You consider yourself to be a very good copywriter (English language).

  • You have great interpersonal skills and can present yourself professionally* on a Zoom call.

*This is not about wearing a tie. It means being able to lead a Zoom meeting with a CEO or Director with confidence.

Minimum Requirements

  • Fluent English speaker with excellent English writing skills.

  • Experience working with startups or SMEs where you had to adapt to change on a regular basis.

  • At least three years sales experience with a track record of being promoted (if you have neither, but you have a good story as to why, we will listen to it).

  • Expectations will be high with regard to tech literacy - you should like, and be very comfortable with, technology.

  • High emotional intelligence, the prospects you will be trying to close will always be CEOs and Sales Directors.

  • All of the other generic traits you see in job descriptions; motivated, self-starter etc.
  • Located between GMT-8 and GMT-5.
  • Aligned to our Core Values.

What We Would Love To See

  • That you treat the job application process in the same way which you would treat prospecting. You should be able to sell yourself with confidence and impress at every touchpoint.

  • Experience working with a quality-over-quantity outbound sales approach.

  • Experience with working as part of a remote team for a sustained period of time.

  • Experience with tools like Asana, Hubspot, Mailshake, Slack, Vidyard etc.

What We Offer

  • Competitive pay (Split between basic salary and performance based commission).

  • Flexible working location. We are 100% remote.

  • Opportunities for growth within the company - we are just less than two years old and are growing rapidly.

  • A positive and open work environment in a young and ambitious global agency.

To apply, please send your CV and a brief cover letter explaining why you would be a good fit for this role to with the words 'Account Executive' in the email subject.

Generic applications will not be considered for this role (nor should they be for any role). Our business model is based on breaking through the noise, your application should reflect this.