Born in Ireland & Dubai, but we're fully remote and spread across the globe.

Our Mission

We help SMEs and startups to not only grow quicker, but to grow in a more predictable fashion, so that they can scale up the other aspects of their business accordingly.

How We Work

With our team spread across cities like Dublin, Dubai, New York and London, Leadable compartmentalizes the Sales Development function by placing specialists in specialist roles. When you work with Leadable, you are taking on a senior Sales Development team for three times less than the cost of hiring one rep internally.


After our research team careful curate a list of contacts who fit your Ideal Customer Profile each month, your dedicated Client Growth Manager will write personalized email / LinkedIn copy and record unique videos for each prospect, along with performed well-researched 'warm' calls before scheduling appointments for your sales team to close the deal.

Barry Moroney Founder & CEO

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Prior to founding Leadable, Barry led outbound sales teams for a number of international brands. He is a strong advocate for hyper-personalization in sales and this passion led to the creation of Leadable. Barry holds a Masters degree in Marketing from Dublin Business School and a Bachelors degree from University of Limerick.

Core Values

Own What You Do

We take pride in our work. We each own what we do and we never submit anything below our standards. 

Experiment & Test

We try new things every day, test the results and then double down on what works best.


We maximise efficiency and make life easier for each other by giving clear briefs for every task.

Be Sound

It doesn't matter how good you are, we don't tolerate negativity and strive to be a positive influence on each other.

Team > Me

Every role is essential. Our business model doesn't work unless we collaborate seamlessly.

Forget Your Ego

We are open to getting feedback and proactively ask for it internally and externally.


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Technology Stack

Outbound sales to Enterprise needs to be uniquely personalized to every prospect. We handle all of this so that your sales team can focus on closing.

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